How Do We Do It?

Initial Consultation. First - and maybe most importantly – our architects listen to you. What are your goals, your dreams, your must-haves? What don’t you want? Do you have a specific problem area? Tell us about your kids and your pets and their activities and needs. Show us your property and tell us how you use it and where you would like it to be better suited to your lifestyle. Do you have photographs you’ve kept in a folder of something you saw on vacation and really like?


Comprehensive Site Analysis

With this information as a starting point, we undertake a comprehensive site analysis, mapping to scale your property’s most significant (and some you may believe to be benign), existing features, including house and driveway location and orientation, tree survey, grade changes, proximity to adjacent off-site features, views (positive and negative), drainage patterns, septic field(s), etc.


Drafting Table

We’ve probably already sketched some rough ideas for you at the Initial Consultation. The next step is to generate tracing paper overlays in our office, honing and refining our vision. With 50+ years of combined experience, this step is second nature to us.


The Big Reveal

We will present to you a hand-drawn, full color Plan for the area(s) to be addressed. Details and 3-D “thumb sketches” of specific site features are shown as necessary to convey our ideas. We also provide you with a detailed cost itemization of each component of proposed work. Once again, we listen to you and answers questions and concerns.


Revise & Refine

This step “cleans up” the Design & Details and becomes part of the contract package.


Breaking Ground

Once the Details have all been addressed, Miss Utility has been called, permits (if required), have been attained and materials have been ordered, our crews arrive and immediately set about the transformation of your dream into our vision. Our employees are courteous, trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. We are sensitive to your daily use of your property and make every attempt to keep the job site organized and tidy. The architect who has handled your project from the day of the Initial Consultation will be on-site at least once a day through Completion to coordinate material delivery, answer questions and check the site for fidelity to the Design. We give you our cell phone numbers to make communication easy and strive to deliver every promise on time.

We are delighted with the way our landscaping turned out. Your plan was well conceived and your crew was skillful, courteous and very helpful.


Janet & Michael McCarty - Great Falls, Virginia